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Our Clinical Services

Our primary goal at the NIA is to provide excellent care to patients with neurological disorders and support for their caregivers through our multidisciplinary teams of experts who can help provide an initial diagnosis, a second opinion, or ongoing care. We provide care to patients and their caregivers through outpatient clinics and by providing inpatient services to affiliated hospitals.

Our Clinics

At the NIA, we provide care through our Specialty and General Neurology Clinics. Patients having symptoms of headache, or following up from a recent stroke, or not carrying another specific diagnosis, are evaluated at the General Neurology Clinic, whereas patients with other specific symptoms that require specialty evaluation are evaluated through the respective Specialty Center. ​

Inpatient Services

Our clinicians provide services and staff inpatient Neurology departments at affiliated hospital networks, providing consultations to colleagues on primary neurological disorders, as well as neurological disorders of systemic diseases. Since 2013, NIA members collaborate with the Athens Medical Center network through clinical, educational, and research activities.​