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To serve as an Institute of Excellence towards improving brain health
in our community and worldwide​
The development of a healthy society in which healthcare
for brain disorders, neurological education, and neuroscience research
are pursued through humanistic and scientific principles
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Our primary goal at the NIA is to provide excellent care to patients with neurological disorders and support for their caregivers. Beyond our clinical services, we organize educational and research activities for patients, their families, and the community at large.

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We provide specialty neurological services, including clinical consultations, as well as specialized diagnostic testing and therapies, supporting fellow neurologists and other health professionals in caring for their patients. 

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We are dedicated to structured specialty training to health professionals through our clinical and research programs. Our trainees further participate in scientific studies, and conferences.

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Our Mission is the Promotion of Brain Health in Greece and Worldwide through Clinical, Research, and Educational Activities of our Specialty Centers.

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